About me:

Further training 

I am currently doing my Podiatry degree via The Queen Margaret university in Edinburgh. The course is 4 years as it is a part time distance learning course. I chose to qualify as a Foot Health Professional first so I could gain confidence and work whilst at university.

I am also very privileged to work alongside Mrs Humble-Thomas, Podiatrist who qualified at the London foot hospital over 30 years ago. This enables me to learn new things daily and gain more confidence in procedures that I will be completing in a few years.

My Story:

Becoming a Foot Health Professional or Podiatrist was never what I imagined I would pick as a career. I firstly met Mrs Humble-Thomas when I started as a receptionist in her Podiatry clinic which had just moved to a new premises that my father had built. This was in March 2018 and from the day I started I absolutely loved watching her in the clinic room being able to help patients in just one appointment.

After 5 months of working as a receptionist and being so interested in Podiatry I discussed my different options with Mrs Humble-Thomas to be able to qualify. I started my Foot Health Professional training in January 2019 and qualified in December 2019 from the SMAE institute, Maidenhead. I then started seeing patients who just required basic foot care and built up from there. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 i didn't work from March- July but as of July 20th we were back open.

In August 2020 after a few months of working as a Foot Health Professional I decided that I wanted to train further and become a podiatrist, that's exactly what I did. I started my Podiatry degree in September 2020 with the SMAE institute lead by the Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

My Training

Qualified Foot Health Professional 

The SMAE Institute, Maidenhead 2019

Nail Reconstruction

Cosmedicure, 2020

Swift Microwave Therapy

Emblation limited, 2020

Gel Colour

Cosmedicure colour, 2021